2018 VOLVO XC60


Introducing the all-new 2018 XC60. It's been completely redesigned to embrace you comfortably. Respond to you effortlessly. And enhance your total driving experience.



The tight exterior design of the XC60 teems with tension and energy. Its sculpted lines bring drama and contrast to our signature Scandinavian design.

Strength & Style

The XC60 combines grace with power. A long hood, muscular wheel arches and short overhangs create a sense of refined strength. Our distinctive LED headlights give the XC60 strong identity. Active High Beam means you always get the best view without dazing other road users.

Designing Desire

"Good Scandinavian design is beauty that wants to be discovered"
- Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President, Design, Volvo Cars



Light, space and craftsmanship - enjoy Swedish luxury on every drive.

Crafted With Care

Crafted from natural, sophisticated materials, the XC60 is the epitome of modern Scandinavian design. Reclaimed driftwood, hand-stitched leather and thoughtful details combine to make every journey an occasion.

Tech With A Human Touch

Interacting with your XC60 is second nature. Our center display with touch screen has been designed to be intuitive and natural to use. There's no learning curve when it comes to accesing navigation and entertainment.


Our technology helps you and makes your life easier. And you won't even know it's there.

Joy Of The Drive

Our air suspension provides the perfect balance between comfort and handling. You get an enjoyable ride whatever the surface and it helps keep the car level, so you always feel confident.

Your Mind At Ease

By helping you to steer the XC60 out of harm's way, our latest safety technology can help to avoid collisions. At faster speeds it helps take the stress out of driving by giving gentle steering inputs, keeps you in lane.
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